Reopening May 31st!

As you all may have already heard, we are planning on re-opening church this coming sunday (May 31st). with some changes to our process.

Some of these include:
Taking and recording staff temperature before working

Shorter services for the time being

Asking those who feel Ill or have a fever to please not attend
Having everyone in attendance wear face coverings unless medical need dictates otherwise.

Hand sanitizer immediately upon entry to the church, everyone will have to do this with no exceptions.

Keeping people apart 6 feet; we believe we can do this by having every other pew blocked off.  People who do not live in the same household would have to sit in different pews.

Not passing around the offering plate for the time being

Communion process will be changed as well, but for this first week we will not be offering communion.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

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